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When we select a product for our clients, we only carry the ones that have the highest quality. We know their facilities no matter where they are and we always give them feedback if we feel like there are potential improvements.

We don't just bring the best product, but we get seriously involved.


We only search for "food with purpose", meaning food that can make a difference for our environment, like using elements to guarantee a sustainable production process.

We actively promote fair trade, as all products comes from small and very hard working local entrepreneurs.




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Salmon Skin Chips

Made with the clean skin of Patagonian salmon, the oven-baked crackers are incredibly high in protein, and low in carbs and fat. Furthermore, the crackers are gluten free and keto friendly.

Our gluten-free snack variety has four delicious flavors: smokey, spicy paprika, sweet salsa, and pesto. 

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Seaweed Pasta

We make our gluten free pasta with legumes and Chilean seaweed, which is sustainably harvested by traditional coastal communities. Fully committed to quality, we are convinced you will love our pasta pack. This product will bring you the best of seaweed in the shape of delicious noodles.

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Seaweed Snacks

Seaweed doesn't need soil or fertilizers to grow, and today provides over half of the oxygen available on earth. 

The lack of variety on our daily diet, added to the excessive dependency of food coming from animals, threaten the environment every day.

Our proposal is to provide the healthiest snack, with no additional ingredients besides what the Pacific ocean naturally offers.

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